$50 No Deposit Bonus Codes for Australian Players

It is no secret that Australia has one of the largest online gaming player bases in the world. Although the online gaming has been growing all throughout the world for the past few years, it has been growing at a quicker rate in Australia and the rest of the Oceanic region. The reason for this is not totally clear, but what is clear is that players from down under love their online gaming. Unfortunately, many of these players do not know how to spend their money optimally. A significant portion of players do not use no deposit $50 bonus codes when they should. By using these codes you can save yourself money and increase the chances that you will walk away making a profit.

The online gaming scene is a competitive one for websites. As a result, the landscape is one that favors players when it comes to $50 casino no deposit promos. Most sites need to have promotions to encourage players to play on their site instead of their competitors. So, when you are looking for a new site, you should look for one that has an excellent $50 reward for you to use. That way you can save money while you are hopefully making money.

What Are the Different Types of $50 No Deposit Bonuses?


When you start to look for the best $50 offer on the market, you will quickly realize that there are four major types of rewards. Here we will look at each of those for bonus variations so that you know the pros and cons of each.

  • Standard No Deposit Bonuses - As you would expect, standard Australian no deposit bonuses are the most common type of reward that you will receive. Many of these rewards are given to players when they join a website for the first time. They simply give players a set amount of money when they open an account. This money is added directly into your account, and then you can use it to play specified games. Unfortunately, there will probably be a wagering requirement attached to it that will prevent you from immediately withdrawing your reward or anything you won from it.

  • Free Spins - Many Australians get involved in the online gaming scene because they enjoy playing the slots. If you are one of those people, then you should look for a $50 no deposit in the form of free spins. Free spins let players play the slots a set number of times for free. Typically, one free spin is valued at $0.10, so if you received a no deposit $50 bonus then you would receive 500 free spins. These rewards usually come with wagering requirements attached to them.

  • Cashable Bonuses - Cashable promotions are by far the most popular type of $50 no deposit that players can receive. That is because with them you have the opportunity to win real money. Unfortunately, they do have wagering requirements. They also sometimes have caps on winnings. When there is a cap on winnings you cannot withdraw money in excess of that cap. So, if you meet that cap with half your bonus, the rest of your reward will be useless.

  • Non-Cashable Bonuses - Finally, we have non-cashable rewards, and unfortunately, these are the least popular rewards for players. The reason being that you cannot win real money with a non-cashable bonus. Unfortunately, all they allow players to do is play the games for free. Now, this not completely worthless because you can have fun playing, and you can gain experience in certain games. So, when you are ready to start spending real money you will be prepared to try and make a profit.

How to Make a Profit While Dealing with Wagering Requirements

We have mentioned them a few times, but if you are new to the world of online gaming you might not be familiar with wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are restrictions put in place by a gaming site on your $50 no deposit bonus. They force players to bet a certain amount of money before they can withdraw any money they received from a bonus. For example, if you receive a $50 no deposit reward that has 30 times wagering requirements you would need to wager $1500 before you could withdraw any winnings you received from your bonus. This is done to prevent players from coming to a website and getting a big win without ever taking on any risk.

While wagering requirements are not appealing to players and only benefit the owners, they do not eliminate your chances of making a profit with your $50 free no deposit. However, they do force you to alter your strategy so that you are more efficient in which games you play. In order to implement that strategy you will need to understand RTP. RTP stands for "return to player percentage," and it refers to the percentage of the time that players make their money back on a bet or better. There are games with RTPs of 97 percent and higher. In those games you can reliably break even, so knowing when to play those games is key to being successful with your $50 cash no deposit code.

When you are using your own money it is typically a good idea to stick to high RTP games. However, when you are using your no deposit $50 bonus you can afford to take risks on low right, high variable games. When you play those games there is not a very good chance that you will win, but you still need to know what to do if you hit the jackpot. Most people will be tempted to keep betting after they see some success, but that is a losing strategy. Remember, you still need to meet the wagering requirements, and if you keep betting you will be risking everything you have already won for the small chance that you will hit the jackpot again. So, you should immediately switch back to high RTP games after you get a big win. You can use these games to meet the wagering requirements and secure your winnings.

Can You Play Any Games with your $50 No Deposit Bonus?

If you already have a site that you like to play on, you might want to use your promo to play those games. Unfortunately, that might not be possible because most rewards restrict which games players can play. Typically, there will be a specified set of games that are available for players to play when they are using a bonus. As a result, you will need to play those games before you can enjoy everything else the site has to offer.

When you receive a $50 free cash no deposit you will be filled with excitement. All of a sudden in an industry that you need to spend money to succeed in, you will have the opportunity to win without taking on any risks. Unfortunately, most rewards come with wagering requirements which significantly reduce the chance that you will make a profit. However, if you follow stringent strategies there are ways to optimize your chances of winnings. Additionally, you should be looking for rewards with low wagering requirements to increase your chances of getting a big win.