Our Privacy Policy at Australianodeposit.com

australianodeposit.com Privacy Policy

The personal information which we are most likely to collect from visitors to Australianodeposit.com includes the following: your first name, surname, age, email and location. We also make use of cookies to ensure we are able to provide you with an improved viewing experience.

How Will the Personal Information We Collect Be Used?

At Australianodeposit.com, we make use of your email, surname and first name when resolving any concerns which you have forwarded to us.

In the event of law enforcement requesting for your personal data, we will be obliged to provide it to them due to being legally required to do so.

In addition to the above, we also rely on the information you provide to ascertain that you are actually the appropriate age to visit our website and view our content. This is a responsibility which we take seriously since we primarily focus on providing gambling-related content and consider ourselves to be highly responsible providers of such information.

Your Personal Information Is Safe with Us

Apart from the mitigating circumstances specified above, you can be certain that any information you provide to us at Australianodeposit.com will not be shared with any other third parties for any purposes whether they happen to be commercial or otherwise.

In order to obtain additional information on how we use your personal data to protect your privacy and to also provide you with an improved browsing experience, simply contact our support team at Australianodeposit.com.